DLD 50: AIX + special guests in Hamburg

Forget bonus points…the true awesomeness comes with bonus Dots, Lines & Destinations episodes! And we’ve got a bonus episode for you this week recorded on location in Hamburg, Germany. The Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 ran from Tuesday to Thursday, offering up insight into the coming year(s) of what our travel experience will be like. Lots of the stuff is “pie in the sky” concept options which likely will never actually see the inside of a flying plane, but there were also a number of developments which will be flying soon enough. And we’re talking about all of it.


This episode is also special because we’ve got a completely different crew talking. In addition to Seth who plays the role of host this time around we’ve also got four of the best #AvGeek-loving, #PaxEx-focused minds in the world. Our guests are:

As the show wraps up on the final day many of the vendors are more than happy to unload all their goodies to avoid packing them for the return trip. In the catering hall that means lots and lots of free food and drink. We liberated a number of bottles of champagne and prosecco from the show and put them to use. Then we tried to talk about serious issues. See if you can identify the sound of the champagne cork popping mid-show as we refilled once again.

Lots of fun and some cool topics in play. Hopefully we’ll get the crew back together again at some point down the line and see if any of our predictions/expectations come true.

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DLD 49: Happenings in Hamburg

Greetings from Hamburg, home of Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014. This week’s episode includes a couple special guests from RouteHappy.com, John Walton and Jason Rabinowitz. We’re talking all sorts of fun things with them related to airplanes, seats, IFE and more. Oh, and we’re recording in advance of the actual conference so it will be interesting to follow up later and see what actually happened compared to what we were thinking might.

Also, I know I promised a photo from Istanbul as part of the recording. Unfortunately I don’t have that specific shot with me on this laptop so I cannot include it. I’ll get it in a later episode at some point. So I’m sharing this other shot from Istanbul instead. Enjoy.


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DLD 48: What the heck are we doing here??

Is it episode number 2 or number 48? And why the new name? Also, do any of us know what the heck is going on?? Answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of Dots, Lines and Destinations.


Other topics in the show include:

And, perhaps most important, the latest iteration of what we hope will become a regular occurrence on the show: The Rolo Rant. This week’s version is focused on security theater in Panama.

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Episode 47: Rebranding from a secure location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Welcome to the newly rebranded Dots, Lines and Destinations. We used to be PointsHoarder but we don’t really hoard points and the irony of that stopped being entertaining. Plus we like talking about destinations and experiences as much as the points, so we’re broadening the scope a bit and picked a new name. We’ve also updated our Twitter name (@DotsLines) Facebook page and a few other things. Yes, there will still be plenty of discussions about developments in the points world, but look for more content and more interesting discussions going forward.

Like this week’s episode.



As you may recall from last time, we were busy bullying Stephan into joining us for the Island Hopper adventure. It was quite a bit more adventure than we expected. The views of Majuro were spectacular and we expected more of the same for the next five hops. That plan was quickly derailed when our plane broke down and we were stranded on Kwajalein for 12 hours with minimal facilities to help while away the time. Fortunately we had each other and a recorder so we still put together 30 minutes or so of fun times for y’all to listen to. Enjoy!

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Brand new name, more great content!

Hello, PointsHoarder fans. We’re glad to have you around and happy to announce that we’re changing our name this week. Why? Mostly because we don’t actually hoard points and we think that doing so is a bad idea. So we’re moving on.

Welcome to Dots, Lines and Destinations!

Dots are the airports we visit. Lines are the routes between them. And Destinations can be a bit of anything, from a city to an in-flight experience to, well, anything else. There’s a lot of potential here and we didn’t like being hemmed in by the idea of only really ever talking about points and miles. There’s too much more out there we all find interesting and hope that you will, too.

So, what does this mean for you?

We’ve got a new website: MoreDotsMoreLines.com. We’ve got a new Twitter handle: @DotsLines. And we’ve got a new home on Facebook. Assuming I did everything correctly the transition should be seamless. So assume that there will be a few hiccups along the way.


PointsHoarder 46: Staten Island to the Island Hopper

Welcome to episode 46 of the PointsHoarder podcast where we spend much of our time working to bully/pressure Stephan into taking a trip half way around the world, mostly in coach, for no apparent reason other than that the rest of us are going. Plus it is the famed Island Hopper, one of the greatest “milk run” flights operating today. Not too many similar routes remain, and this one offers access to remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. Plus it is a 737 all the way from New York to Hong Kong. There’s something magical about that. Hopefully we were convincing enough.

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Beyond that, the likely more useful topics discussed in this week’s episode include:

Also, pay attention early next week where we will hopefully have a special episode assembled as recorded across the Pacific Ocean as we hop our way between Honolulu and Guam (and on to Hong Kong).

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February 20, 2014

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PointsHoarder 45: Dhaka, Dhaka, Goose!

Welcome to the end of the line for the DC-10. Sort of. Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the only remaining operator of the type for commercial service and they’re finally making the leap into the 21st century with fleet modernization efforts. That means it is time for a retirement party. And rather than giving the plane a gold watch and sending it on its way (though that watch would improve the IFE options on board) Biman is taking the bird on one last boondoggle of a trip. This week’s episode was recorded in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the night prior to the final scheduled service and we’ve got a couple special guests on the show talking about the journey to get here and why it was important to them to make the trip.

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren from Airchive.com and Bernie Leighton from Airline Reporter join me for the first half of the show, talking aircraft history, the challenges of chasing a final flight and the pain which jet lag can cause. We also debate how to actually pronounce Biman, who will carry the responsibility for making sure the rear cargo door pressure seal works and why someone would need to import 40 tonnes of green chilies in a single day. In other words, a bit of incoherent rambling, just like always. Also, it seems that Jason didn’t listen to the Apology episode, but we’ll forgive him that transgression.

There are some other news bits on the episode as well, including:

Enjoy the show!

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PointsHoarder 44: Did you say Bieber??

So, what did Justin Bieber do after nearly being arrested for smoking pot on a charter flight to Teterboro prior to the Super Bowl? Go out partying with PointsHoarder’s producer Rolo, of course! That’s just one of the stories on tap in this week’s episode of the PointsHoarder podcast.

Also in the show:

All that and more inside this week’s edition!

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PointsHoarder 43: The Apology

Sometimes it is hard to say “I’m sorry.” In this episode, however, we prove that all of us can manage the phrase quite easily. See, it turns out that in PointsHoarder 42 I gave some bad advice. Fozz questioned me on it and I insisted. And I was wrong. Whoopsie. A few of our listeners caught the error and brought it to my attention and so the retraction is included in this episode. Of course, that also started a bit of a snow ball effect throughout the rest of the discussion, but I think it turned out OK.

This episode was recorded with all four of us together in Vilnius, Lithuania on an annual drinking trip we do (Episode 19 was similarly recorded last year in Budapest). As an added bonus, I provided refreshments for the group so there was a bit of a beer tasting happening throughout the recording. Make sure to listen for our thoughts on some of the more readily accessible Lithuanian brews (by which I mean they were at the checkout counter at the grocery on the corner), including a few from Kalnapilis and one from Švyturys. The Švyturys was my favorite, though we had more beers later that night which were much better.


Oh, there was also a podcast where we talked about travel and points and such.

  • United is forcing furloughs on a bunch of flight attendants from the legacy United side of their operation. That has, not surprisingly, caused some crazy discussions out there. One of the more entertaining bits (to me) is the letter from United to the Union head. Worth a read.
  • We also talked a bit about the impending United award chart changes. We’re a week out from the changes happening so that’s going to suck. And then we talked about a couple ways it might be possible to get around the changes.
  • Delta is jacking up their rates for lounge access. A lot. Welcome to supply and demand. Sucks. There was discussion of booze in United Clubs, too. That also sucks.
  • And United cancelled a few Airbus narrow-body deliveries. That’s probably a good thing.

Plenty more to listen to in the episode. Enjoy!

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PointsHoarder 42: Merry New Year

Welcome to 2014, where lots of rules are changing and so are our travel patterns. Somewhat. Sorry we missed a couple weeks there over the holidays but we’re back with a whole bunch of stuff to talk about.

  • In this week’s episode we’re looking at our plans for the coming year – Stephan, Fozz and Seth all have different ideas about what makes sense for them – and how the new rules from Delta and United, as well as concerns about possible changes from American, are shaping our travel patterns.
  • Which of us do you think bought the most of the ~$60 Delta transcon business class fares? We talk about that mistake, why we think it happened and what the impact may be for our status in 2014.
  • Is manufactured spending finally ready to really, really beat out travel as the key to frequent flyer points? Sadly the answer seems to be yes. Sucks, but I’m learning to deal with it.
  • Finally, we also talk about changes to in-flight travel experiences – mostly negative from United and positive from Delta – and why United is mostly stupid in the way they’ve implemented their reincarnated Flyer Friendly ad campaign.

I’m sure we talk about other bits, too, but I don’t really remember what they are. Give a listen and let us know.

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