Dear 2012: So long, and thanks for all the incredible experiences!

This week’s episode is a (relatively) quick trip down memory lane for the PointsHoarder crew. We’re talking about a few quick news pieces (Air China is going to fly to Houston and Virgin America is going to fly to Newark) but that’s not the real focus of the show. Instead we decided to take a look back at 2012 and recount some of the high points of the year, both from a personal and points-world perspective.

Both Stephan and I got to fly our longest flights ever, for example, in 2012. And there were a few great deals, mistake fares and other promotions which made the year rather memorable. In some cases the deals which weren’t honored became bigger stories than those which were. Not so sure that’s a good thing, particularly in light of the United 4-miler deal, but that’s what we saw.

Alliances grew and shrank, a few airlines went out of business and some came quite close. There were new aircraft, new routes and new elite levels. There were new union contracts, bankruptcy court rulings and some pretty incredible fare wars launched.

All in all, a tremendous year. Give the episode a listen to run it through in just over a half hour.

And check out the stats for all three of us (interestingly, on three different services), too:

Show Notes:

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